“Hartford” 244 Glebe Point Road

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    Year Planted

    Scheduled Significant Trees

    Qty Common Name Species Locations
    1 American Bull Bay Magnolia Magnolia grandiflora Find more locations
    1 Queensland Firewheel Tree Stenocarpus sinuatus Find more locations
    1 Cheese Tree Glochidion ferdinandi Find more locations


    The American Bull Bay Magnolia or Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) appears to be the oldest specimen in the garden. The Queensland Firewheel Tree (Stenocarpus sinuatus) is believed to be an early Post War period planting while the Washington Palm (Washingtonia robusta) is a later addition. The Cheese Tree (Glochidion ferdinandi), Camphor Laurels (Cinnamomum camphora) and Hackberry (Celtis occidentalis) are representative of the multi-layering which has come to define this garden setting since the Inter-War period.

    The American Bull Bay Magnolia and Queensland Firewheel Tree have continued to be popular ornamental species since the mid-nineteenth century. These hardy, drought tolerant species are relatively common elements in private gardens and public parks throughout the City of Sydney LGA.

    The Cheese Tree (Glochidion ferdinandi), a local native mesic species, is favoured by altered environmental conditions, particularly the increased moisture and soil nutrient levels of suburban gardens. This large specimen (8 metres high/ 15 metres canopy diameter), located in the front garden (south-eastern boundary) may have been an early planting but is more likely to have colonised this location voluntarily. The exotic Hackberry (Celtis occidentalis) are all likely to be self-sown. These trees have become important contextual elements in this garden.

    The Camphor Laurels (Cinnamomum camphora), located along the laneway and rear south-western boundary, may have been originally planted as a shelter-belt or were possibly self-sown. These trees are in very poor condition and health with extensive die-back of the canopies. Any future replacement planting should ensure that suitable species are sympathetic to the historic garden setting.


    The garden setting, the combined collection and contextual elements are considered to have local significance. As a group, these historic elements are visually prominent in the Glebe Point Road streetscape and are consistent with the local historic architectural and landscape character of Glebe.

    Historical notes

    The grounds of this Queen Anne Federation style residence ‘Hartford’ (built c. 1898), contains an interesting collection of remnant trees and palms, one specimen of which is believed to date from the pre war/ Federation period of the twentieth century.


    Last modified: 28 February, 2014