You can use this website to find significant trees in your area and discover why they were listed on the register.

There are three easy ways to search for significant trees:

1) Search by suburb. This is probably the quickest way for you to find a significant tree. Pick the suburb from the menu and all the trees in it will be listed. You can then select the right tree from the list and get detailed information and photos.

2) Search by map or location. Look at the map and select the tree you are interested in by clicking on ‘view location’.

3) Search by tree name. If you know the common name of a tree, search by name and you will see all the sites where this species of tree has been listed. So if you have a favourite type of tree, for example a Norfolk Island Pine, this search is for you.

The Register of Significant Trees will be reviewed and updated regularly. The register assists us to protect and manage listed trees within a rapidly changing urban environment.

This website summarises key information from the print copy of the register. If you notice an error or correction that needs to be made please let us know by contacting the City at

If you would like to review the Register in the print format, you can download the documents from the City’s website here 

Significant trees across Australia
If you are interested in finding or nominating significant trees located throughout Australia, you can visit the The National Trusts of Australia Register of Significant Trees at the following website: