Purpose and objectives

In early 2012, a brief was prepared by the City of Sydney for the review and update of the existing 2005 Register of Significant Trees.

It was stated in the brief that: “Significant trees are often the last indicators of former natural and cultural landscapes and provide a valuable heritage resource on many levels. The community correctly places high importance on the recognition and protection of significant trees”.

The purpose of the Register of Significant Trees is: “To identify and recognise the importance of significant trees in the landscape, to guide their management and to ensure their protection for future generations”.

The register forms part of a suite of documents under the City’s Tree Management Policies. These documents provide the tools for tree management and planning in the City of Sydney.

The core objectives of the Register are to:

  • allow the City to identify and recognise the importance of trees in the landscape, to guide their management and to ensure the protection of significant trees for future generations;
  • provide a document that is an integral part of a suite of documents that facilitates the management of the City’s Urban Forest;
  • develop a consistent analytical approach to significant tree assessment based on accepted heritage assessment criteria;
  • provide an important tool for the future planning, protection and management of significant trees on private and public land;
  • raise public awareness, community interest and a broader sense of value and worth of significant trees; and
  • ensure thorough consultation with all key stakeholders.

This website summarises key information from the print copy of the register.If you would like to review the Register in the print format, you can download the documents from the City’s website here.

Relationship to other plans

This review has considered the following City of Sydney policies and documents with relevance to trees;

The Register of Significant Trees is informed largely by the Greening Sydney Plan and the City’s Urban Forest Strategy. This strategy will influence the register with regard to impacts and opportunities for significant tree protection, and improved communications and promotion of this valuable resource.

In turn, the register both informs and responds to the statutory planning instruments such as the City of Sydney LEP 2012 and the related Development Control Plans and Heritage Listings.

The diagram below graphically explains the relationship of the key planning documents and where the Register of Significant trees sits within the wider suite of City documents and planning instruments.

strategic framework














Contact the City

If you would like any further information about register please contact the City on 9265 9333 or at treepolicies@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au.