Previous community nominations

We consulted the community about the development of the register. This included advertising opportunities for public nominations, with people invited to use a standard nomination form on the Council’s website. There was a six-week nomination period, from 1 September to 30 October 2012.

A total of 19 individuals and various groups nominated individual specimens or groups of trees. All nominations were investigated and assessed and a summary report tabled in the register (see page D6 in Appendix C: Public Nominations and Assessments).

New nominations

If you consider a special tree meets the classification criteria and should be included in the register, please email us at

Provide details of:

  • the street address where the tree is growing
  • the common name and, if possible, the species
  • how it meets the criteria (please include a photograph of the tree)
  • any historic information that you have about the tree.

Our staff will keep a detailed list of these nominations, which will be considered by experts in landscape heritage, as part of the next comprehensive review, currently scheduled for 2022.