“Ithica Gardens” 12 Ithaca Road

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    Elizabeth Bay (View suburb)
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    Year Planted
    c. 1950's

    Scheduled Significant Trees

    Qty Common Name Species Locations
    1 Moreton Bay Fig Ficus macrophylla Find more locations


    This mature Moreton Bay Fig (Ficus macrophylla) is located in a raised garden bed between the driveway and the property boundary of 6-8 Ithaca Road. It is possibly the tallest specimen fig in the Elizabeth Bay precinct. The sheltered gully location, deep soils, north-facing aspect and surrounding high-rise apartments, have provided the ideal conditions for this species. Most Moreton Bay Figs in the study area have multiple trunks and tend to be much shorter in stature.

    This fig, by comparison, has only a single and relatively straight trunk and has achieved a remarkable height and scale in this location. It is however largely hidden from public view due to the height of neighbouring development and surrounding trees. It is estimated at 28m in height with spread in excess of 20m. It has a trunk diameter at 1m above ground of 1.2m. It has had many of its lower branches pruned. It appears in good health and vigour.


    This mature Moreton Bay Fig (Ficus macrophylla) is significant as an individual specimen with local aesthetic and visual values. It is extremely tall and provides a valuable landscape buffer between the modern apartments. It is also reflective of the historic landscape character of the Elizabeth Bay area, even though not dating from the late 1800’s.

    Historical notes

    This native, rainforest tree is an important historical species in the context of Elizabeth Bay, however this tree was not present from evidence gleaned from the 1943 aerial photo of the area. It is likely this tree was either self sown or planted sometime in the 1950’s.


    Last modified: 26 February, 2014